How to Make Your Content Live Forever: Genius Ways to Repurpose Content


When it comes to blogging, there’s no better feeling that putting together a piece that just gets it right. It hits your target keyword like a bullseye. Your audience loves it. You see organic traffic spike, social shares spike -- you finally get to enjoy a reward for all of the research and work you put into it! But how do you keep a successful blog post, well, successful?

Whether you’re an experienced full-time blogger, you’re just getting started, or launching your blog is more of a passion project than a career move, keeping your content calendar full of amazing content can be a challenge. Content takes time to create, so you want to make sure after you invest the time into writing it, it does plenty of work for your blog.

Repurposing blog content is a great way to expand your reach to other platforms without doing the work of researching and writing an entirely new piece of content. Plus, repurposing allows you to direct new sources of traffic to your blog post, ensuring it won’t just disappear into your archives never to be heard from again.

If you’re looking for creative things to do with content you already have, keep reading. We’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

example infographics created with canva
Infographics make your blog more eye-catching and make it easy to get your post shared on social media. Image courtesy of Canva.

1. Infographics

Nothing bumps a post’s performance quite like effective visuals. Infographics in particular are a great way to boost your post’s social shares -- they lend themselves to tweets, pins, and a variety of other shares.

Infographics can be intimidating -- a good design is cohesive and crams a lot of information into a small space. So how do you put one together if you aren’t a graphic designer?

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you create beautiful, on-brand, professional-looking infographics for free or close to it. Canva is one great option, and with plenty of beautiful infographic templates to choose from, you’ll be off and running in no time flat.

Piktochart and VennGage are also great options, and so is Snappa. Check out a few to find the one with the interface that works for you and the templates that work for your blog, and you should have a gorgeous infographic ready to roll out in 30 minutes or less.

quora answer by curology expert promoting its brand and product
Curology is one brand that uses Quora to showcase advice from its experts and get people to its site. Image from Quora.

2. Quora

If you aren’t familiar with question/answer site Quora, definitely head over and spend some time looking around. You’ll notice plenty of user-generated questions and answers, both factual answers as well as opinions. If you’re thinking it sounds like a great place to show off your blog content, you would be correct!

Content on Quora is organized into niche “spaces,” which users can follow to participate in discussions. Simply search out spaces that are related to your blog, and you should find yourself with plenty of questions that a) your research has qualified you to answer and b) you can respond to with pieces of information pulled from your blog (linking back to your original content, of course!)

You’ll notice that lots of brands take this approach, so be sure to provide answers that are thoughtful, informative, and engaging!

3. Email Series

Getting people to sign up for your mailing list can be tricky. Our inboxes are full of junk mail and promotions, so if you want people to opt in, you should be prepared to offer them content that isn’t optional to live without.

That’s where your blog content comes in. You’ve already done the legwork to create an awesome piece of writing -- now you can leverage it to incentivize people to sign up for your list. Repackage the main takeaways of your article into an engaging email or email series, and link back to your original post for additional information.

email capture on rachel stephen's website for an email based video course
Repurposing your content into an email series or free course (or both) is a great way to grow your readership and keep people coming back to your content. Image from

4. Free Course

Another way to breathe new life into your existing blog content is to turn it into a free course. This can be used in combination with creating an email series -- the example above from writer and vlogger Rachael Stephen’s website prompts users to sign up for a free 7 day, 7 email course which rehashes information that she explores in her other video content -- or it can be used on its own.

Platforms like Thinkific make the course design process easy. All you have to do is translate your existing post into new videos and resources… and, of course, link back to your original post as a resource.

5. Social Media Update

Pins and tweets and statuses, oh my! Wherever your audience is, hopefully you’ve been growing a social media following on the channels your audience is using. A timely social media update that ties a piece of evergreen content on your blog into what’s trending can be a great way to boost your post.

6. Video Content

Different people prefer different kinds of content. Maybe you’re more of an old school blog reader. Maybe you prefer to watch your content on YouTube, or in short bite-sized video snippets on TikTok. Open your blog content up to people who prefer more visual content by translating an existing blog piece into a YouTube video, a vlog, or a TikTok.

Art of Manliness podcast page
Turning your blog content into audio content can be an easy way to gain a whole new set of listeners. Image from Art of Manliness.

7. Podcast Episode

Countless bloggers are jumping into the podcast scene, and it makes sense -- they’re already researching and starting conversations about their niche, so why not spread the word? If you’re up for it, you can launch your own podcast -- it may take some extra work, but it can also expand your content to a whole new audience.

You can submit your podcast to major directories like Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Podchaser, Pandora, and iHeart radio, and boom. Brand new audience.

If you aren’t quite ready to get started in the wild world of podcasts yourself, seek out opportunities to guest star on a podcast in your niche. Podcasters are always looking for new voices to showcase. Your blog post can serve as the basis for the information you share on the show, which keeps prep work to a minimum, and you get your blog in front of a whole new audience to boot.

8. Ebook

Ebooks are an easy way to repurpose and even monetize blog content. You can expand a blog post into a book-length piece, or to make things even easier, collect several related blog posts and publish them together.

Self publishing your ebook can be as simple as logging into your Amazon account. Once you have your content and creative all set up, just use Kindle Direct Publishing to list your content online.

syndicated blog content by taboola on MSNBC
Offering other sites the right to reprint and republish your content is another way to get your work in front of more readers. Image from MSNBC.

9. Syndicated Content

Syndicating content is an extremely common strategy for bloggers and businesses who want to get their content in front of more people. Some sites -- like Business2Community -- allow you to syndicate your content for free, but you can also pay to get exposure on bigger sites.

Content discovery networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, and can land your content on popular sites with huge readership, like CNN, Refinery29,, and more.

10. Revamp and Republish

Republishing content on other sites is one strategy, but you can also revitalize a blog post by refreshing it and republishing on your own site as well! Go back through and give it another pass -- add some new examples, refresh your links, include some new information. Once it’s all polished up, put it right back into your content calendar for republication.

Watch for duplicate content, though -- make sure you redirect your old URL or simply update your old post. Otherwise, you could get dinged on SEO.

sponsored content and guest posts on core77
Partnering up with other bloggers or businesses to get your content to their audience is a great way to extend the reach of your writing. Image from Core77.

11. Guest Posts

Bloggers often consider themselves to be part of a community, so maybe it’s time to meet some of the other writers in your niche! Partnering up with other bloggers to place a guest post, sponsored post, or do a post swap is a great opportunity to refresh content from old blog posts and drive traffic back to your original content.

You’ll have to pay to place content on some sites, but other bloggers are willing to swap posts or even accept contributions for free.

12. Webinar

Looking to grow your email list? Webinars are another great opportunity to just that, and you can repurpose some old blog content at the same time. It’s also a more personal way to connect with your audience, so it’s a great way to show off your (and your blog’s) unique personality.

Luckily, there are plenty of platforms out there for hosting Webinars. Be sure to check out EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja, and Demio.

A successful article on college memes lead to a whole series on college memes for Adultist. Image from Adultist.

13. New Series

Running out of things to write about? Maybe not. Your old blog posts can serve as a springboard for new content ideas. Go back a piece that performed really well, or one that involved a ton of research, and turn each section in your blog post into an entirely new piece. Not only does doing this give you lots of fresh content, it creates a perfect content cluster and gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into topics that are central to your niche.

Making your content work for you doesn’t have to be hard -- some of the solutions on this list take just a few minutes to get started! Whether you want to syndicate your content for a huge audience or turn your blog content into new creative endeavors like videos or podcast episodes, there are plenty of ways to refresh your favorite content so that it keeps driving traffic forever :)

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