Kellee Maize: Female Rapper, Entrepreneur, and Activist

About Kellee Maize Music

Meet Kellee Maize, the rapper, singer, and entrepreneur behind Kellee Maize music. Inspired by metaphysical and New Age teachings like Zen Buddhism and a desire to use hip hop as an outlet for activism, Kellee Maize has been shared her music with the world through 7 albums and over 300 concerts.

Beyond her music, Kellee Maize is also an entrepreneur and founder of a street team, online marketing, and events company called Nakturnal. Her writing and blog content focuses on bringing all of these interests and skills together -- music, marketing, entrepreneurship, New Age wisdom -- to provide a unique perspective on the music industry and balancing life as a creative, a professional, a responsible global citizen, and a mother.

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The Kellee Maize blog has seen continuous growth since its launch and gained a great deal of traction with a recent push towards New Age content. Looking ahead, Boylston will help fine-tune the direction of Kellee Maize's blog to optimize its impact with Kellee Maize's potential listeners and to reflect the direction of upcoming musical projects.

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