Gamer Protégé: A Guide for the Casual Gamer

About Gamer Protégé

Most popular gaming blogs are for the hardcore gamer, but the reality is most people working, who have a family and other social obligations, generally don’t have time to commit to the hobby at such an intense level. It’s incredibly daunting to step into if you never have before or if you suddenly find yourself lacking the time you used to. This site is the ultimate guide into the world of video games, gaming software, and products for part time or casual gamers.

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What's next for Gamer Protégé?

With a clear target audience and content strategy identified, it's time to start building out the Gamer Protégé brand. The Gamer Protégé team is working with graphic and web designers to develop the brand's visual identity and launch the Gamer Protégé site.